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About Us


We are Different


We are a Substance Use Disorder Program. But our efforts extend beyond our program, we focus on the community.

Primary Purpose:

Our focus is to restore men and help them identify their purpose.

We believe that men are kings. And when restored, a man can lead his family and change generations.

We believe that God created man, and has called him. We are here to encourage men to reach their full potential and purpose.

Our staff members are highly experienced and passionate.

Our program considers that past and current events, environments, racial bias, attitudes and other variables contribute to addiction. We treat each man as an individual based on their experiences.

This is a safe, judgement free environment.

We believe that addiction can be treated and healed, a new life is possible.

Additional Services are Offered

Second Purpose:

We support other outside organizations that focus on preventing the start of drug abuse.

We are not just about teaching the next generation to avoid drug use, but we are about giving the next generation an opportunity to dream, succeed, and break generational curses.

Sunset Views
Third Purpose:

Our efforts also extend into helping families with addicted loved ones.

We recognize that addiction impacts everyone, including family members.

We come along side them and help carry the load.

It is different this time!

Let us help you start the road to recovery

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